This is a 5 shot pack of this specialty round which features a 2 ¾” 20 gauge shell with a saboted slug with a pointed projectile build and the Remington Power Port/AccuTip profile. For those game animals that end up on the receiving end of this round, it is lights out.
Remington Premier Expander found in: Barnes Buster Hunting Bullets for Handguns & Lever Rifles .44 Mag .429" 300 gr FNFB 50/ct, Barnes Remington Premier AccuTip Centerfire Rifle Ammunition actually includes two different options. The standard Premier AccuTip provides match-grade...
Aug 21, 2014 · Remington Premier Slug rebate + 20% off Remington slugs Just came back from Dick's sporting goods, Dick's is running 20% off Remington slugs and on top of that Remington has a rebate on Premier slugs, you get $5 back on every box purchased up to 4 boxes. Remington 12 Gauge 3 in Premier Expander Slug 5/Box $14.99 ($3.00 / round) In Stock Brand: ... Remington 12 Ga AccuTip 2-3/4 Bonded Sabot Slugs 5/Box
Remington Premier Expander Sabot Slug Analysis. Great hunt and shot on a doe with a Mossberg 835 and Remington Accutip 12 Gauge Slugs.
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