Nov 18, 2010 · Around 6000 rpm the engine delivers a power surge as the i-VTEC's variable valve mechanicals shift emphasis from torque to horsepower. A helical-type, limited-slip differential enhances traction in slippery driving situations. The Si Sedan is almost as much fun as the Si Coupe.
2002 Honda Odyssey with 2003 Acura CL Type-S manual swap built by the team at RPM Systems of Poughkeepsie NY . now at this time has pass NYS inspection with...
The idle air control valve is located in the throttle body assembly itself. It is a straightforward replacement part that runs roughly $200 at the dealer. This part may cause driveability issues ... Something went wrong. Please try again. Honda odyssey won t accelerate Stock Status:
Hi, Mine is 2008 Honda Odyssey EX. I started having the same problem as yours about RPM jump during downshift at about same speed and same magnitude of RPM. They recently replaced the power stearing pump, resorvoirs and torque converter but RPM problem is still there with erratic downshift. :confuse:
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4r100 overheating when towing

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