Last week i couldn't start my car, with the ignition on the engine cranked but wouldn't start but the radiator fan came on instead. I searched on here and noticed quite a few people had this problem but there was no solution yet, so this is for the next person this happens to. My car is an Ecotec VS, i'm guessing other models do it too.
I am worried that the fan may come on anytime and drain the battery. But I have noticed in a Zen that the fan works for few more seconds after the ignition is off, when it is really hot. Even after removal of the key from the ignition,the fan's (2) on my vtec keep running for a while and then shut...
Jun 09, 2020 · 87 (red wire) connects to the positive wire on the electric fan. 30 (other red wire) needs constant 12-volt power from the battery. 86 (gray/white wire) goes to the ignition switch. 85 (black wire)... A humming noise is coming from the fan blower. Concerned I may have shorted out some wire which led to the fan blower. If you jump the thermostat terminals the burner should start first; the blower won't come on until the plenum has heated-up. So: on a call for heat, does the burner ignite?
The energy to vaporize the fuel comes partially from the incoming air, cooling it. The latent heat energy required is actually much larger than the specific heat. That the energy comes from the incoming air can be easily seen on older carbureted cars, where frost can actually form on the intake manifold from the cooling of the charge.
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